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Computing is taught within a creative and inspiring curriculum in line with the National Curriculum.

Computing skills are taught to the children through computing lessons using our banks of laptops, iPads, Promethean Interactive Whiteboards and other digital devices. Such technology is enabling our pupils to participate in an exciting computing curriculum, as well as allowing teachers to embed the use of technology as a learning tool across the curriculum.

The curriculum is broken down into 3 areas: 

Computer Science (Computing, algorithms and programming) – Children learn how digital systems (computers and networks) work and use this to learn basic computer programming.

Information Technology - children are able to use, express themselves and develop their ideas through information and communication technology

Digital Literacy to include E-Safety  Children use technology safely and responsibly, including recognising its advantages for collaboration or communication. We also include regular teaching of e-safety to ensure that children feel confident when using computers and the Internet, and know what to do if they come across something either inappropriate or uncomfortable. Please look at the E-safety section of our website.

Computing progression document

computing at rwf.pdf