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Governors - River Wye Federation

Governing Body


Appointing Body

Date of appointment - Term of office
 Mrs Gillian Ruck ** (Chair) Foundation Governor 1.9.18
 Mrs Kirsty Jones (Vice Chair) Foundation Governor 1.9.18
 Mr Kevin Oversby ** Parent Governor 1.9.18
 Mr Jim Herbert Foundation Governor 1.9.18
 Ms Sally Tudsbery-Turner Foundation Governor 1.9.18
 Mrs Susan Morris Foundation Governor 1.9.18
 Mr Robin Fletcher ** Foundation Governor 1.9.18
 Mrs Nicky Dowle Foundation Governor 1.9.18
 Mrs Susan Lewis Foundation Governor 1.9.18
 Mr Alex Parker **
Parent Governor 1.9.18
 Revd Penny Powdrill Ex Officio 1.9.18
 Father David Howell Ex Officio 1.9.18
 Mrs Claire McKeown * Staff - Headteacher 1.9.18
 Mrs Beth Stevens ** # Staff Governor - Deputy Head 1.9.18
 Miss Vicky Tansley # Staff Governor - Deputy Head 1.9.18
 Mr Colin Mutton # Associate Governor 1.9.18
 Mrs Tracey Catlin
Clerk to the governing body 1.9.18

* Mrs Claire McKeown is Head teacher of both Whitchurch Primary and Weston-under-Penyard Primary

** Parent

# Member of teaching staff

No members of the governing body have relevant business and pecuniary interests apart from Mrs Beth Stevens whose husband audits school fund account annually.

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Governor Committees



Jim Herbert (ch)  Susan Lewis (ch)
Kirsty Jones (vc)   Kevin Oversby (vc)
Gill Ruck  Claire McKeown
Claire McKeown Kirsty Jones
Kevin Oversby Sally Tudsbery-Turner
David Howell Colin Mutton
Penny Powdrill Robin Fletcher
Sue Morris Alex Parker
Nicky Dowle Gill Ruck
Beth Stevens Vicky Tansley
Vicky Tansley
Susan Lewis