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Our Staff

Mrs Claire McKeown
Miss Vicky Tansley
Head of School and Sorrel Class (Friday) - Years 4, 5 & 6
Mrs Luisa Lee-Smith
Sorrel Class (Monday to Thursday) - Years 4, 5 & 6
Miss Hannah Organ
Fern Class - Years 2 & 3
Mrs Patricia Gough
Clover Class (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday am) - Years R & 1
Mrs Miriam Martin
Clover Class (Wednesday pm, Thursday and Friday) - Years R & 1
Mrs Nicola Ford
Nursery Manager in Bramble Class & PAWS
Miss Cathy Jones
Nursery Assistant in Bramble Class & PAWS
Mrs Sarah Hazelwood
Nursery Assistant in Bramble Class & PAWS
Mrs Laura Smith
Nursery Assistant in Bramble Class (currently on maternity leave)
Mrs Louise Clarke
Play Assistant in PAWS
Ms Steph Sawyer
Play Assistant in PAWS
Mrs Robb-Jones
TA in Sorrel Class
Mrs Kirsten Jennings
TA in Fern Class
Mrs Sarah Smith
TA in Clover Class
Mrs Lucie Grindle
TA in Clover Class afternoons
Mrs Bev Brandon
TA across the school
Miss Laura Hackett
SEND co-ordinator (based at Whitchurch CE Primary School)
Mrs Tracey Catlin
School Secretary
Mrs Allison Wright
Lunchtime Supervisor